Echo H2 Server

Echo H2 Server

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Echo H2 Server

Meet the newest in under-sink Echo Technology, the Echo H2 Server. The Echo H2 Server is everything you love about an Echo, now designed to fit in even the smallest cupboard. This filterless unit is great for connecting to reverse osmosis or other whole-house filtration systems.

*Pre-filtration is required. The Echo H2 Server comes with the proprietary Echo hydrogen module, making the best hydrogen water without changing pH, all pumped out at 1.3 liters per minute.

Why Dring Hydrogen Water?

  • Hydrogen is one of the best antioxidants
  • Reduces oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Provides triple the normal amount of therapeutic hydrogen
  • Supports cognitive function, immune system, increased energy, endurance and neurological function

The Echo H2 Server is backed by the Echo 5-year defects warranty, which covers parts, labor, and return shipping.

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