Super Amino 24+

Super Amino 24+

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Super Amino 24+

SuperAmino 24+ has been specifically formulated and balanced for the human body to deliver every essential amino acid to promote and maintain health. Because the free-form amino acids and supportive nutrients in AminoPower Advanced need no digestion your body rapidly absorbs them.

Amino acids are essential for virtually every function of life: from fueling and repairing your intestinal tract to enhancing brain performance and mood.* Promotes healthy skin and accelerated wound healing.* Promotes efficient metabolism of protein.*

  • Boosts the 9 aminos already in your body, and adds 7 aminos that can only come from food sources*
  • Enhances brain performance and mood*
  • Promotes efficient metabolism of protein*

Studies by the National Institute of Health reveals how “recent years have witnessed the discovery that amino acids are not only cell signaling molecules but are also regulators of gene expression and the protein phosphorylation cascade. Additionally, amino acids are key precursors for the syntheses of hormones and low-molecular-weight nitrogenous substances with each having enormous biological importance. Physiological concentrations of amino acids and their metabolites (e.g., nitric oxide, polyamines, glutathione, taurine, thyroid hormones, and serotonin) are required for the functions. However, elevated levels of amino acids and their products (e.g., ammonia, homocysteine, and asymmetric dimethylarginine) are pathogenic factors for neurological disorders, oxidative stress, and cardiovascular disease.

“Thus,” the NIH says, “an optimal balance among amino acids in the diet and circulation is crucial for whole-body homeostasis. There is growing recognition that besides their role as building blocks of proteins and polypeptides, some amino acids regulate key metabolic pathways that are necessary for maintenance, growth, reproduction, and immunity.

“They are called functional amino acids, which include arginine, cysteine, glutamine, leucine, proline, and tryptophan.”

My Body Rx includes these NIH recommended ingredients and says they “may be beneficial for ameliorating health problems at various stages of the life cycle (e.g., fetal growth restriction, neonatal morbidity and mortality, weaning-associated intestinal dysfunction and wasting syndrome, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, the metabolic syndrome, and infertility); optimizing the efficiency of metabolic transformations to enhance muscle growth and athletic performance while preventing excess fat deposition and reducing adiposity. Thus, amino acids have important functions in both nutrition and health.”

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